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Health and Safety

​​​Our vision is to provide a safe and healthy workplace and to promote an effective and continuously improving health and safety culture. We strive to prevent injury and ill-health and to ensure that all persons we work and interact with return home to their families safely. 

We believe that everyone is responsible for creating a safe environment. However, our leaders play a special role in providing guidance and galvanizing our global efforts. JLL's Global Safety Governance Committee, a group of influential senior managers from various parts of the JLL business, is broadly tasked with empowering every level of our organization to proactively strive for safety excellence.

A core part of Building a Better Tomorrow is embedding effective Health and Safety practices – and broader sustainability practices – into all that we do. This ensures we have a long-lasting, positive impact across the four areas of Building a Better Tomorrow: Clients, People, Workplaces and Communities.

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Global Health and Safety Policy

"The Global Health and Safety Policy presents our vision for promoting and continuously improving a health and safety culture at JLL. It focuses on you, our employees, recognizing the importance of your health and safety both to our company and, far beyond work, to you and your family. The policy also states our commitment to maintain a safety culture that encourages each of us to take responsibility for our own safety, and for that of our colleagues, clients and supply partners."

– Christian Ulbrich, CEO & President

Health and Safety Report


“From the top, safety is core to our culture, and it comes first every day. This is our promise to our people, our clients and our shareholders. Our enterprise-wide external report, dedicated exclusively to our health and safety performance, reflects this focus on safety. The report shows the progress we have made and sets a benchmark going forward. Every year we will raise the bar.”

– John Forrest, Global & Americas CEO, Corporate Solutions