Tracking Occupancy
Costs in Global Cities

What are the costliest premium office markets in the world and which cities offer affordable alternatives?

Competition amongst the cities of the world has never been more intense. Using prestigious office space and high-functioning business districts as bait, cities are battling it out to attract top talent, companies and capital.

In our latest Premium Office Rent Tracker, we look at the world's most expensive office locations, where technology-rich markets feature strongly, and at cities that offer the best value globally attracting significant corporate interest.

We compare rents in 72 major office markets in 61 cities across the globe, including the key elements of occupancy costs - net effective rent, service charges and government tax on rent - all standardised to enable true international comparisons.

What are the five most expensive office locations in the world?

See the rest of the 72 submarkets we evaluated and learn more about global office leasing trends.

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Hong Kong, Central

$338 p.s.f


New York, Midtown

$212 p.s.f


London, West End

$195 p.s.f


Beijing, Finance St

$189 p.s.f


New York, Midtown South

$182 p.s.f

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