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Energy and Sustainability

Your buildings can become more sustainable, use less energy and operate at lower costs

​​​A more sustainable portfolio will benefit your organization's bottom line as much as it benefits our planet. Our LEED-certified experts apply their global experience to define a sustainability strategy that takes a long-term view. They'll implement programs that lighten your carbon footprint and also reduce the energy costs that heavily weight operating budgets.

Being responsible about sustainability is at the heart of our business. We know how to use green leases, incentives, conservation education for employees, energy retrofits and procurement relationships with eco-friendly vendors to achieve your goals. Companies who work with JLL reduce their portfolio energy costs from 15 to 50 percent. 

Our value adds

  • Documented energy savings: $59M estimated U.S. client project savings through energy efficiency in 2016
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions: 282k metric tons of CO2 estimated U.S. client project savings in 2016
  • Metric tons of CO2e averted by advising on renewable energy projects: 464,900
  • Sustainability accredited professionals worldwide: 1600+
  • Green Building Certifications: 135+
  • Hours of sustainability training delivered to employees: 16,000+

Trends and tips in energy and sustainability

Tools and resources