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Use end-to-end technology to enhance your facilities—and the experiences within them.

New technology is rapidly changing the way facility management services are delivered—automating processes, improving building efficiency, increasing data collection and requiring facility managers to master new skills.

The facility management field is changing and transforming rapidly:

  • As manual processes are automated, compliance is increased and service delivery is improved.

  • Increased building efficiency means enhanced experiences within buildings.

  • Better and more data collected means we're able to move from a reactive facility plan to a predictive plan—anticipating the needs of employees and customers in the facilities we manage and creating a more safe and comfortable workplace.

Harnessing an increasingly digital facilities management practice, we’re able to create unique solutions for our clients that help drive cost savings, business results and employee satisfaction.

What we offer

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An integrated platform provides the business intelligence you need

Gain access to a global data and insights platform to aggregate information across systems and accurately benchmark and analyze your facilities and portfolio. The result? You have real-time access to a detailed, accurate report that provides you with the information you need to make better, faster, smarter real estate and facilities decisions.

A safe, secure environment (online and off)

We’re committed to fostering a culture of safety in your facilities—and that includes data security. We leverage our proprietary technology to record and track Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) incidents, follow-up on corrective actions, and benchmark HSSE performance.

Best-in-class technology supports our process

Automating tactical parts of our process streamlines our approach, drives efficiency, provides a better user experience and allows us to focus on more strategic aspects of your plan. With our end-to-end technology, you also have complete transparency into our maintenance and management processes as well as access to real-time data.

Learn more about our Corrigo technology platform

Your needs guide our approach

Whether you’re interested in the latest in smart building technology or want to have an accurate picture of your portfolio’s energy efficiency, we work with you to understand your needs to identify, source, and implement best-in-class, end-to-end technology.