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How does culture impact productivity at your workplace?

In a study of 207 organizations over 11 years, research has shown that companies who actively develop their culture return 516% higher revenue and 755% higher income.​

In addition, genuine expression of a strong and vibrant company culture has also been shown to be a key contributing factor in:

  • Attracting and retaining talent
  • Differentiating yourself from the competition
  • Boosting internal engagement which drives employees to achieve organizational goals​​​

Read the full report and find out how to enjoy these performance and financial ben​​efits in your organization.

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Since we have been on our journey of improving workspaces, we have seen a dramatic increase in our engagement levels, a lowering in attrition rates, and improvements in the quality of people who want to join DBS—all of which can be very directly translated to our five years of top and bottom line growth.

Paul Cobban,
COO of Technology and Operations at DBS Bank

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