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Global logistics sentiment survey

How are you keeping pace with global logistics trends?

The world of global logistics is dynamic, with hundreds of moving parts, reliant on both big picture strategy and highly detailed local knowledge. So wouldn't it be nice to have a worldwide advisory board whose members have their fingers on its pulse? That's the idea behind JLL's inaugural Global Logistics Sentiment Survey. JLL market experts across the globe have pooled their considerable knowledge to identify trends in the upcoming six months (based on analysis of the previous six months). It's a survey grounded in insider knowledge, which makes it practical and actionable. The full survey report is here, along with a description of its methodology.

Survey highlights of the global logistics real estate markets for the next six months:

  • Corporate occupier demand for logistics facilities to remain strong, with each global region (Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific) to see rising demand. Key detail: Demand is strongest in the Americas.
  • The available supply of logistics facilities for occupation to decline in the Americas and EMEA, but, on balance, to increase in Asia Pacific. Key detail: World trade volumes will have a 4.5% annual gain this year, compared with 2.7% in 2013.
  • Net effective rents for logistics space to increase in all global regions. Key detail: Least widespread demand is in Asia Pacific
  • Investor demand to remain strong in each global region. Key detail: Global industrial/logistics sales volumes increased, 56% between the second half of last year and the first of this year. Key detail: Global sales volume will accelerate over the next six months.
  • The supply of investment stock will diminish in every global region. Key detail: EMEA is the exception, with a near-zero decline.
  • Further yield (cap rate) compression in each global region due to strong investor demand.  Key detail: EMEA saw the most significant fall in yields.​

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