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​​Generating lasting value for our clients

Our work with clients presents the biggest opportunity for JLL to make a difference. Since buildings account for about 40% of global energy consumption, the real estate services industry has an important role to play in addressing sustainability challenges.  The 4.6 billion square feet of space that JLL manages globally for our clients gives us the opportunity to develop industry-leading strategies, tools and technologies that significantly improve energy efficiency, societal impacts and cost savings.
JLL’s more than 274 sustainability professionals advise our clients on renewable energy projects, green building practices, energy management programs, and socio-economic impact assessments as a few examples.  We are increasingly seeking to embed sustainability considerations across all of our service lines, so that we can continue offering differentiated and forward-thinking solutions to our clients.

See our 2017 Global Sustainability Report for more information.



Deliver targeted training to employees from key business lines and incorporate sustainability basics into JLL onboarding for new hires by 2020.